Inspired Business: The Business Card

Salutations Stationery Business Cards Letterpress Smock

{Salutations letterpress business cards by Smock}

This week we are happy to be blogging about something no professional person should be without: the business card. This tiny piece of paper is powerful, and we are excited to break down its importance and give you inspiration for your very own business cards.

Salutations Stationery Calling Cards Business William Arthur

{Business cards and calling cards in an array of colors and designs by William Arthur}

There are so many options when it comes to business cards, that choosing one can seem overwhelming. Worry not, because Salutations has you covered, and offers options in a plethora of sizes and colors from flat-printed cards to little letterpress works of art.

Salutations Stationery Business Cards Letterpress Smock

{Letterpress business card by Smock}

When considering business card options, begin by thinking of the larger picture ~ think about your company and about your brand. Your cards may be the very first glimpse of your business that most people get. Take advantage of this opportunity by making sure your cards introduce your business identity.

This larger picture thinking will help make decisions regarding design, printing methods and color. Are you a serious civil rights attorney or a whimsical interior designer? Black engraving on a simple ecru card might be best for the attorney, while purple letterpress ink on a white card with a festive motif might be best for the designer. A recipient should be able to make assumptions about your business based on your card.

Salutations Stationery Business Cards Letterpress Dauphine Press

{Letterpress cards by Dauphine Press}

Once you have considered branding and identity, begin thinking about design details. This is when having a really amazing stationer (like those at Salutations) is invaluable.

If your goal is to have your card stand out from a stack, or handful, then you can design your business card in a different shape or to be extremely tactile. Letterpress, square cards, like the the ones above, are a perfect example of this. The Salutations team will see to it that your card is the best design for your business.

Salutations Stationery Business Cards Vera Wang

{Kraft cards by Vera Wang}

The Salutations team can also educate you on the different printing methods and establish which will work best for your cards. Some cards, because of the business and brand that they represent, are better suited for engraving, while others would be better printed in thermography.

Printing methods can influence everything from the look of your card to the cost. Further, some card types and colors require a specific method of printing. Figuring out which printing method to utilize doesn’t have to be a guessing game thanks to the Salutations team!

Salutations Stationery Business Cards Smock

{Letterpress business and calling cards by Smock}

With the right information and assistance from an educated, professional team, picking out business cards isn’t just a breeze, it’s fun! And one last bit of insight: you will know you have designed and picked the perfect business card when they turn out so perfect and beautiful that you almost don’t want to give them away!  

Stop by Salutations in Chapel Hill or Charlotte today to check out all the great options we offer.

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