Inspired Stationery ~ Personalized Stationery FAQs

Smock Letterpress Stationery

Welcome to another Inspired Stationery post! This week we are answering some FAQs about personalized stationery. Everyone needs personalized stationery. From thank you notes, to casual correspondences, personalized stationery is the foundation of a great stationery wardrobe.

FAQ 1: Should I Choose a Flat Card or Folded Note?

Salutations Crane Stationery

We get this question a lot! Most traditionally, folded notes are used by women for writing thank you notes or concise messages. Flat cards are traditionally used by women for writing less formal correspondences. If you are shopping for a gentleman, or are a gentleman, flat cards are traditionally used for correspondences by men. So when choosing stationery, if it’s for a man think flat card and for a women decide what she will use it for most often and choose based on her lifestyle and needs.

FAQ 2: What Printing Method Should I Choose?

Bella Figura available at Salutations

This is also a common question. At Salutations we offer letterpress (and foil stamping), engraving, embossing, thermography and flat and digital printing. We have dozens of options in personal stationery available in each printing method.

More formal stationery is typically engraved. Engraving is one of the more expensive options, but your engraving plate can be used over and over again through your lifetime, which can offset the cost. Consider formality when choosing a printing method. Also, all of our printing methods have a unique feel and texture.  We highly recommend coming in and touching all of the different methods and seeing the difference in person before making a decision.

FAQ 3: What {or Who} Should I Include on the Stationery?

Salutations Crane Stationery

The answer to this common question is to think about function and preference. First, who will use the stationery and what for? If a the recipient is a lady likely to use it for thank you cards, then we suggest her name or monogram. If the recipient is a couple following their wedding, we suggest including both their names or a duogram.

FAQ 4: Should the Return Address Be Included on the Envelope?

Salutations Smock Stationery

Whenever it makes sense/ideally, we recommend having the return address printed on the envelope flaps.

There are cases when people choose not to have the envelopes printed. If the recipient is a recent graduate, for example, who is not sure what her new address will be or how long she will be there, then it might make sense to omit the return address. Return addressing also costs more, so if you are on a tight budget, omitting this is a way to cut costs.

FAQ 5: Other Than Ink color, How Can I Customize My Stationery?

Salutations Smock Stationery

This is a great question that we love answering! There are tons of ways to customize your stationery by taking advantage of all the embellishments that our vendors offer. From envelope liners to multiple ink colors, to motifs, Salutations has you covered. While some of these embellishments cost extra (most envelope liners), many do not (like motifs and designs). The embellishments are where your stationery really becomes your stationery!

We hope you have enjoyed this post and find this information useful. Stop by Salutations in Charlotte or Golden Belt to personalize your stationery or create a set that’s sure to be memorable for all the special people in your lives!

{All of the stationery above is available at Salutations in Charlotte or Golden Belt. Top to bottom ~ Bella Figura, Crane, Bella Figura, Crane, Smock and Smock}

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